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Site Build It Help Testimonials

The best part of my Site Build It Help service has been hearing what my clients had to say about my service. Their gratitude for the service and sincere appreciation has been overwhelming. And I have enjoyed working with all of them and they’ve all become good friends. They were happy to share their feelings with you about their experience working with me.

Site Build It Help Testimonials

Garrett A. Foster

There are people you feel were meant to enter your life for a reason. Karo is one of those people.

From developing a site concept, to researching keywords, choosing a template and building my first page, Karo has literally been my angel sent from heaven.

She has been my coach, consultant mentor and friend. Karo is a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to build a successful site. And, if she isn’t sure about something, she will research and find the answer.

Natalie Carey –

I hired Karo to do my site concept research, keyword research and set up my website along with those pesky plug ins because I had no clue what to do and had even less time to stuff around trying to figure it all out. Just as well I did because the site concept that I was originally going to plow forward with was 1) not at all in-depth and 2) even more significantly not even profitable!

Karo researched a profitable niche for me AND gave me a huge, comprehensive list of keywords so all I had to do was write my content. In addition, all that tech stuff that would see me tear my hair out, well she took care of all of that for me so I didn’t have to worry and stress over it. You have no idea what a huge thing this was for me. To be able to hand this task to someone competent, oh and by the way, has outstanding communication skills (emails answered super quickly. And with eternal patience) was such a godsend.

Karo created for me a professional, highly functional and profitable website and the experience was easy and anxiety free. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who desires an online presence and who is feeling overwhelmed in knowing where to start. It is imperative to get the foundations correct from the very beginning. Otherwise you can waste years of time, money and energy on something that goes no where. Furthermore, the fact that Karo took care of the tech stuff meant that I could focus my time and energy on writing high quality content, this time specifically targeted around keywords. Her service is professional and yet personal and she is outstanding at what she does.

Read Natalie Carey’s full story here.

Site Build It Help Testimonials

Mrs Ingo –

I was thinking of what to do with my leisure time. So I came online and started researching and I felt blogging was the best option. A friend referred me to Karo to create a blog for me.  Karo made everything easy for me. She set up my WordPress website for me and educated me on maintaining my site and making money blogging. It’s a lot to learn and a lot to do and being a mom with a day job I get overwhelmed sometimes. But Karo is always urging me on and supporting me. She is now to me a colleague and a good friend. She is very knowledgeable about creating a WordPress blog and making money with it. She’s someone who has a genuine interest in your success. She’s always checking on me and following up with the success of my blog.

Thanks Karo

I am sure I can help you too get on track in starting a successful online business and build a solid foundation for your site that will ensure traffic and income success as soon as possible.  And if you don’t want to bother yourself with the technicalities of it all and just want to get to content writing, I can do it all for you. Or if you want to, I can teach you how to do it yourself so that you can manage your site yourself and just repeat the process for future sites.