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How Can I Help You Succeed?

Everyone wants a successful website,
but not everyone knows what you need to do to create it
… but I do!

Every successful online business owner will tell you that the secret to online business success is getting the foundation, those early steps, right. Without the right foundation you will find yourself spending money on your site and putting so much effort into content writing for the site, but still get no result, little to zero traffic and no income. I should know because that was my story for my first few years online. Just as was the case for one of my clients, Natalie Carey, until she came to me.

You don’t have to do it all alone. Get an expert to do it for you or guide you on how to do it yourself so that you get things right the first time.

What stage are you in your online business? I am specialized at helping beginners start right and build a proper foundation for their site that guarantees free search traffic within 6 months of starting the site and maximize earnings from their site.

  • Have you just ordered Site Build It web building tool but you are feeling overwhelmed with all the information it contains and don’t really understand what all the tools there do?
  • Have you decided to build using WordPress and SBI for WP but you don’t understand how to use the Brainstorm It! tool for your niche and keywords research and or how to set up and use the plugin to your advantage?
  • Are you lost and confused over the idea you have for a site concept? Are you unsure whether it will even be profitable?
  • Do you wish to move your site from SBI to WordPress?

I can help you with all of the above.

I can help you create a solid foundation for your site and I will make everything easy for you. I can get you up and running quickly so that you can get to writing content and start growing your site. Alternatively if you already have an SBI site and wish to transfer it to WordPress, I can make the move stress free and ensure there are no set backs.

Succeed Faster with the Proper Website Foundation

Building a successful website follows a process.

First you need a profitable niche. A profitable niche is one that has content depth, less search competitors and a good number of people spending money in it.

Second you need profitable keywords within the niche that you then target your content to giving them better chances to rank in search results for their keywords.

Third, you start to get traffic to your content. If you’ve done a good job of pre-selling your readers in your content, some visitors will convert to customers and make you money.

In a nutshell, the key to your success is creating a website that generates traffic. If you choose the wrong site concept and the wrong keywords, you will not get traffic. This is where I help you avoid years of frustration and wasted dollars.

This is what I can do for you:

Site Concept Research: I will research on 3 potential Site Concepts and offer my recommendation via email as to which is the most profitable to pursue based on your knowledge/experience on the topic, niche competition level, niche depth and monetization potential. 4 hours work (USD $250).

Full Brainstorm: I will Brainstorm and research on your chosen Site Concept and send you an Excel sheet list of at least 100 profitable keywords (with good demand and low supply/competition) that you can start writing content on (does not include Site Blueprint/Tier Structure). 4 hours work (USD $250).

Note: You have to make sure your chosen site concept has content depth, that is part of the information my Site Concept Research service offers you. Otherwise I am not liable if I can’t find up to 100 profitable keywords in the niche you asked me to research on.

Site Blueprint/Outline: I will create a site blueprint for estimated 100 keyphrases. At least 5 hours of work (USD $250).

You have already done your keyword research and found yourself some profitable keywords, but you don’t know which one to write on first and or how to categorize your content in a way that it makes sense to the reader and naturally leads readers from one page to another. This is where a site blueprint is helpful. It is tedious work, but when done, takes away a lot of confusion from setting up your site.

Additional pruning/brainstorming would attract extra cost.

Note: If the site blueprint service isn’t clear to you, please contact me before ordering to ask for a sample.

  • **Save with a Combo! Combine the Full Brainstorm and Site Blueprint/Outline options above, full day’s work (USD $425). Save $75!

Website Setup: Installation of WordPress , Set up and Optimization, 2 hours work , (USD $149).

  • Install WordPress
  • Upload Theme
  • Upload Logo
  • Upload Favicon
  • Upload necessary plugins and set them up (SBI for WP, Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, Akismet, Contact Form 7).
  • Create an email list for you and an optin form to collect visitors emails on your website.
  • ***If you wish to hold off on starting and growing an email list, then you only have to pay USD $99 for website setup.

For the best hosting service for your site and theme to use see my resource page.

  • ***Save big with my Ultimate Combo! Order for a complete website service, Site Concept Research, Full Brainstorm, Site Blueprint/Outline and Website Setup, full 2 days’ work for only (USD $750). Save $139!

Transfer SBI site to WordPress: Price for this service varies depending on the number of pages you have on your site. So please read details of my SBI to WordPress service.

Website Social Profile Setup: Social media marketing can do a lot for your website popularity and quickly too when the right things are done consistently. I can help you create a profile for your website on major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and connect it to your site so that anytime you publish a content page the link is automatically shared on your social media pages for your fans to see, read, comment and share, USD $75 for each profile setup.

Website analysis: You have a lot of content on your site but you are not getting traffic, or you are getting decent traffic but you’re not converting visitors to subscribers and customers, you need my help. I can’t put a price on the service until I know what I will be doing for you. So contact me let’s see what you/we need to do to improve your website traffic or conversion.

Or perhaps you would rather I show you how to do it yourself? I’ll be glad to! So check out my consulting/training/mentoring service.

None of the services I described here exactly meet what you are looking for? No problem. I may still be able to help you. So contact me with details of what you need help with.