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My Site Build It Experience – Why I Won’t Use SBI Again

My Site Build It Experience - my SBI story

For 6 years, I was using SBI. I built two websites with it. But today I no longer use the tool and do not recommend you use it to build your website.

My Site Build It experience is the honest detail of what lead me to SBI, my experience building a website with SBI and why I moved my site out of SBI to WordPress and my recommendation for building a website that generates traffic and money.

My Journey to Site Build It

My desire to make money working from home actually came from Network marketing. Not until my sister explained the compensation plan of the network marketing company she was partnered with and was trying to get me involved in, did I know it was possible to work from home and make money, even earn enough to be financially free without ever having a boss.

Ever though I never found success with network marketing, I will always be grateful to the industry for enabling me dream of a life outside of an 8-5 job.

I’d never been crazy about acquiring academic certificates. At that point in my life I have achieved a Diploma in Accounting but I had no desire to further my education. And I knew a Diploma in Accounting wouldn’t get me a well-paying job to afford a comfortable lifestyle. So when I heard of the potential income I could earn with network marketing, it opened my mind to possibilities I had otherwise never considered. After that day I found myself daring to dream about an incredible life where I could work for myself. I was determined to make it happen so I registered with the company and got to work. However, I realized success wasn’t going to come easy after all my prospecting yielded no result.

My First few Websites Experience with WordPress

After my initial failure with network marketing, I felt inspired to learn about online marketing. I knew nothing at all about it but I had the drive and determination to succeed. A friend of mine set up my first WordPress site for me. He instructed me to begin writing and publishing content every day. I was motivated and eager for success but I quickly learned that success wasn’t going to come as quickly as I had expected.

I had been spending all my time writing for months but got no result; no traffic, no income. I later learnt that for my website to get free search traffic I had to learn and master SEO.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. And it is the strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

I didn’t have a professional to guide me one-on-one so I relied on free information available online on building a successful online business. And they were so contradicting that it left me feeling confused and overwhelmed.
I created a few other WordPress blogs from what I was learning; trying to do things better but still I didn’t get good result.

Then I Bought SBI and Everything was different – My Site Build It Experience

I bought my first SBI in December 2009 because my elder brother was using it for his website and getting good result. So I bought it in an attempt to do things differently and get better results.
When I logged in to Site Build It SiteCentral (dashboard) it was nothing like anything I had ever seen, so much content, articles and videos and tools.

SBI includes a 10 day (not meant to be literal days) Action Guide, in texts and videos that takes the user step by step on building a website, starting with how e-business works.

I don’t think words can express how much I appreciated the video guides after everything I had been through. I was glad to find a resource on building a successful website put together in a step by step format of what needed to be done to create a successful website.

My first thought was that the Action Guide alone was worth the $299 that is charged for the tool a year. I so needed that education. Now that things was well put together and discussed in a simple to understand way I started to understand what I needed to do to find success online.

The Action guide though is just one part of SBI. There are some tools and modules that it comes with that one have to learn to work with.

So I quickly realized that the good thing about SBI, which is the fact that it was an all-in-one site building tool, is also the bad thing about it. With so many materials a beginner has to go through and so many tools to learn how to use, the beginner is quickly overwhelmed.

When I just bought SBI I was really excited about it but after 3 weeks of actively using the tool, learning how to build a business online and use SBI software to do so, I was still struggling to understand how to translate the data that their niche and keyword research tool, Brainstorm It, gave me. It was no wonder that my first SBI site didn’t do well. Even after watching all of SBI Action Guide videos and following every step I still got the foundation for the site wrong. I chose a wrong niche and wrote on keywords that I couldn’t win in search results.
Looking back I wish I had an SBI professional look at my niche and keywords before I proceeded with my site. It would have saved me a lot of money and years of effort with no reward. Although to my defense I couldn’t hire SBI pros because they are very expensive, which is why I made sure to cut the fees I ask for my SBI services by half of what SBI pros charge so that you can afford it.

My Second Site Build It Experience – Finally Success with Site Build It!

quote on failure by Henry Ford

My first SBI site failed but now I was more intelligent in choosing a profitable site niche and content keywords. So I decided to give SBI a second go to correct the mistakes with the first site and see how well the site does and how quickly it does it.

In 2013 I started And like I thought it would the site took off really well. Before I took it offline from SBI in fourth quarter of 2016 the site was getting over 1000 visitors a day.

The interesting thing about that site is that for many months I didn’t write a single article on the site and instead of the traffic to dwindle it kept rising. When I stopped writing for the site it was getting 500-600 visitors a day and it grew to over a thousand even without further content. That is powerful; this is what you should expect when you build the right foundation for your website.

If you’re wondering, it’s not because I used SBI that I got traffic or that my traffic kept increasing even without updating the site. It’s because I choose a niche after doing a thorough research to ensure it meets certain criteria and choose the keywords carefully that formed the content of the site. I am confident in this because I am experiencing the same level of traffic success on my WordPress sites that are not even as old as the SBI site was, and being so busy I don’t update some of them regularly still the traffic keeps growing.

SBI helped me but the limitations it presented couldn’t be denied anymore so it was time to move to WordPress where I feel at home!

I am thankful to Site Build It! especially for the Action Guide. As overwhelming as it was it made a lot of things clearer to me about building a successful e-business. However it got to a point where I didn’t see any good reason for using SBI anymore and I was left with only the limitations it presented.

After 6 years on the platform I could no longer deny that most of their tools are somewhat dated especially when compared with the flexibility of WordPress. Additionally, I have the knowledge and skills to build successful websites without needing their information. So during fourth quarter of 2016 I made the decision to move my site to WordPress and I am so happy that I did.

For more on what SBI is and my Site Build It experience read: My SBI Site Build It Review.

Should you use Site Build It for your website?

No. It’s too much material to throw at a beginner and too many tools to figure out before you are able to use it to achieve the success that you want. You honestly don’t have to know everything before you can start and build an income generating website and building and managing a website should be easier than what SBI offers.

However, what I do recommend is SBI for WordPress because it combines the up to date technology of WordPress with the best part of SBI, the Brainstorm It tool and the Action Guide. For those of us who had success with SBI, it was only thanks to those two things, nothing else. But even better, the Action Guide for SBI for WP is condensed and easy to digest unlike what we have with the traditional SBI.

Every business needs a strong foundation and SBI for WP will help you achieve that. And WordPress allows you the ease and flexibility you need to grow a business website. Combining WordPress and SBI is a marriage guaranteed for success.

SBI for WP pricing is subscription based and is available for $149/year. But it comes with a No-credit-card 30-day free trial. So you have 30 days risk free trial period to try it and make your own conclusion.

Whether you decide to use SBI for WP or not, your chances for success online is very low if you don’t get the foundation of your website right. And to do that you need a professional to help you use the right tools to do market research and find a niche for you among the ones you have knowledge on that has good potential for traffic and income and do a keyword research for you to find hundred content keywords that are winnable in search results that will form the content of your site. With my Site Build It Help service I can do both for you or teach you how to do it yourself. I can even help you set up a professional WordPress site. Read about my SBI pro service.

For more on SBI for WP read: Site Build It Or WordPress? With SBI for WP You No Longer Have To Choose.


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I am looking for someone to help me build a site using SBI/SiteSell.
I am determined to conquer SBI/SiteSell and then leave if its necessary.
What do you charge?
What is your training programme? How do you compensate for distance between you and client etc? Im in London, England, UK

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