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My Site Build It Experience – Why I Won’t Use SBI Again

My Site Build It Experience - my SBI story

For 6 years, I was using SBI. I built two websites with it. But today I no longer use the tool and do not recommend you use it to build your website.

My Site Build It experience is the honest detail of what lead me to SBI, my experience building a website with SBI and why I moved my site out of SBI to WordPress and my recommendation for building a website that generates traffic and money.

My Journey to Site Build It

My desire to make money working from home actually came from Network marketing. Not until my sister explained the compensation plan of the network marketing company she was partnered with and was trying to get me involved in, did I know it was possible to work from home and make money, even earn enough to be financially free without ever having a boss.

Ever though I never found success with network marketing, I will always be grateful to the industry for enabling me dream of a life outside of an 8-5 job.

I’d never been crazy about acquiring academic certificates. At that point in my life I have achieved a Diploma in Accounting but I had no desire to further my education. And I knew a Diploma in Accounting wouldn’t get me a well-paying job to afford a comfortable lifestyle. So when I heard of the potential income I could earn with network marketing, it opened my mind to possibilities I had otherwise never considered. After that day I found myself daring to dream about an incredible life where I could work for myself. I was determined to make it happen so I registered with the company and got to work. However, I realized success wasn’t going to come easy after all my prospecting yielded no result.

My First few Websites Experience with WordPress