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“All I Have Ever Wanted Was An Online Business” – Natalie Carey

When I asked Natalie towards the end of her full website project with me if she mind writing a testimonial she was very excited to. And the testimonial she sent me included the story of what she was looking for when she found my services. According to her “I wanted to include everything from the very beginning”.

To show my appreciation for the time she put into writing it and also to let others who are currently where she was know that there’s Help and that they too can change their story, I decided to publish the full story instead of editing some part off like she said I could.

So if you read her story and relate to it on some level,  I hope you let me help you as I have helped her so that you can finally start to find the success you are looking for online.

Natalie Carey’s Story of How She Came to Find Site Build It Help Service and Got the Help she has Always Wanted to Start a Successful Online Business

Natalie Carey –

All I had ever wanted was an online business. The thought of waking up anywhere in the world and being able to work when all I needed was my laptop and the interent was a desire that made my heart soar.

It started when I was introduced to a dodgy MLM program which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Apart from the fact it was a spectacular failure I gained something huge from it and that was it ignited my dreams. It awakened in me the idea that I don’t have to settle for oridinary, but rather it is possible that anyone, me, could achieve success on a level that I never thought possible.

The MLM debacle opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibility and I followed the bread crumbs to this thing called online marketing. I was absolutely exhilarated by the thought of having my own online presence and making an income from it. It was more than just the financial reward though, it was about creating something meaningful and, more importantly doing what I love.

I quickly realised that it was not going to be a walk in the park. There was so much information out there and so much of what I had to do was technical that it overwhelmed me. I decided to just get a free blog and write every day and assumed that eventually  I’d start getting traffic. I was hugely mistaken. I wrote hundreds of pages, I even wrote an book, but I did not get traffic. Not even with so many pages. It was disheartening because I worked so hard at it and tried so hard, it was so disheartening. When I had to move interstate I simply gave up on it. And furthermore,  gave up on my dreams of ever achieving what I desired for so long.

All I craved was to be at home when my daughter got home from school instead of working one of the THREE jobs I had at the time. To be honest, dreams of millions aside, all I wanted was enough to enable me to stay at home to be there for her! Enough to cover what I was making through my effort.

I then joined the Royal Australian Navy. I was, and still am, extremely grateful for the experience. I achieved a lot in a short time and in mid 2016 I deployed on  tri service operation to the middle east. But the military was never in my heart. It was never a lifelong dream. Before I deployed I came across SiteBuildIt and it aroused in me my old dream of building an online business. I decided to sign up and I was excited for the first time in a very long time. But it was short lived.  Like years earlier, I quickly realised that I was going to find it hard. The information on what I needed to do was so overwhelming. And The technical side of things just didn’t come easy to me. And in addition to this  I had added pressures of my job as well as being pressed for time.

I decided to hire an SBI consult to help me with the site concept and blue print because I did not want to do what I did last time and that was waste years writing hundreds of pages of content with no result. I paid the consultant over $760 and I got back a blueprint that was, well quite frankly, on the limp side. I had no guidance on what I then was to do with the keywords. And then I still had the problem of setting the site up. I couldn’t even install the plug in for WordPress. Then I had to find a way to make sure what I was writing was key word savvy which involved more plug ins which I had no idea how to set up, and by this time I was in the middle east working 12-14 hour days 7 days a week with a day off every month if I was lucky.

Thankfully for me I received an email from Karo Itoje. I had found her website service prior to hiring the SBI consultant but because of an IT glitch she did not receive my initial email (a cry for help actually:) Well when I heard from her, I was in the middle of the desert pretty much tearing my hair out with my website because I had this gut feeling that the same thing was going to happen again. That I was going to waste my time (I’d already wasted my money) on creating something that just wasn’t going to work. And I hadn’t even gotten around to re-attempting to set up the plug ins I needed.

So I hired Karo to do my site concept research, keyword research and set up my website along with those pesky plug ins because I had no clue what to do and had even less time to stuff around trying to figure it all out. Just as well I did because the site concept that I was originally going to plow forward with was 1) not at al in-depth and 2) even more significantly not even profitable!

Karo researched a profitable niche for me AND gave me a huge, comprehensive list of keywords so all I had to do was write my content. In addition, all that tech stuff that would see me tear my hair out, well she took care of all of that for me so I didn’t have to worry and stress over it. You have no idea what a huge thing this was for me. To be able to hand this task to someone competent, oh and by the way, has outstanding communication skills (emails answered super quickly. And with eternal patience) was such a godsend.

Karo created for me a professional, highly functional and profitable website and the experience was easy and anxiety free. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who desires an online presence and who is feeling overwhelmed in knowing where to start. It is imperative to get the foundations correct from the very beginning. Otherwise you can waste years of time, money and energy on something that goes no where. Furthermore, the fact that Karo took care of the tech stuff meant that I could focus my time and energy on writing high quality content, this time specifically targeted around keywords. Her service is professional and yet personal and she is outstanding at what she does.

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