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Site Build It Help – Your Online Business Help

Site Build It Help is offered as a website service for Site Build It (SBI) and WordPress websites. Whatever stage you are in your online business and whatever you need help with, I can help you.

Do you want to start an online business but don’t know where to start? Let me help you. I take the pain and frustration out of setting up your website.

Are you considering buying SBI Site Build It but not sure if it is right for you or trying to decide which website builder to use, Site Build It or WordPress? You will find my Site Build It review helpful.

Did you buy SBI or SBI for WP and now feel overwhelmed on how to use the tool to create a successful website? Do you lack the technical skills? I can do it all for you.

Or perhaps you’ve ran out of patience with SBI and want to move to WordPress and you need someone who would make the move smooth with no consequence? I am your gal. See the different ways I can help you.

What Clients say about Site Build It Help services

Site Build It Help Testimonials

Karo Was An Angel Sent From Heaven

From developing a site concept, to researching keywords, choosing a template and building my first page, Karo has literally been my angel sent from heaven.

She has been my coach, consultant mentor and friend. Karo is a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to build a successful site. And, if she isn’t sure about something, she will research and find the answer.

Garrett Foster - Health and Wellness Coach

Site Build It Help

Garrett Foster - Health and Wellness Coach

Site Build It Help Testimonials
Karo has literally been my angel sent from heaven.

Her Service is Professional and Yet Personal

Karo researched a profitable niche for me AND gave me a huge, comprehensive list of keywords so all I had to do was write my content. In addition, all that tech stuff that would see me tear my hair out, well she took care of all of that for me so I didn’t have to worry and stress over it. You have no idea what a huge thing this was for me. To be able to hand this task to someone competent, oh and by the way, has outstanding communication skills (emails answered super quickly. And with eternal patience) was such a godsend.

Natalie Carey -

Site Build It Help

Natalie Carey -

Her service is professional and yet personal.
Site Build It Help Testimonials

She Has a Genuine Interest in Your Success

A friend referred me to Karo to create a blog for me.  Karo made everything easy for me. She set up my WordPress website for me and educated me on maintaining my site and making money blogging. It’s a lot to learn and a lot to do and being a mom with a day job I get overwhelmed sometimes. But Karo is always urging me on and supporting me.

Mrs Ingo -

Site Build It Help

Mrs Ingo -

Site Build It Help Testimonials
She’s someone who has a genuine interest in your success.

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Who is Karo?

Karo Itoje - Site Build It HelpHello, my name is Karo Itoje. And I help take the frustration out of getting started online.

I have been making money from home since 2009 after I lost my meager salary job. I have built several successful websites using both WordPress and SBI therefore I know both platforms very well. Read my Site Build It experience.

Helping people get the foundations of their website right so that they succeed quickly is very fulfilling. I can relate to what online business beginners go through. It took me three years to earn a consistent income online. There is so much contradicting information about building a successful online business that it can be confusing and overwhelming to beginners. It is my goal that you don’t waste unnecessary time, money and energy trying and failing repeatedly. So many beginners do this only to give up never succeeding in their dream to make money from home online. You don’t have to be one of them.

I decided to offer Site Build It Help because of the desperation and desire for success that I saw in my clients when they came to me for help and the happiness and appreciation at the end of our work together. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people get started the right way online. If you’re ready to avoid unnecessary frustration and confusion, I am willing to work with you too and get you started on a path to success. Read more from About Site Build It Help page.

Here is what I can do for you:

  • Site Concept Research:  I will help you find the most profitable site concept/niche for you.
  • Full Brainstorm: I will help you find at least 100 profitable keywords to write about.
  • Site Blueprint/Outline:  I will help you create a site blueprint so that you are fully clear on what to write about on your site and how to structure it.
  • Website Setup: I will help you set up a WordPress site; installation, customization and optimization. I can also help you set up SBI site too.
  • Transfer your SBI site to WordPress: I will help you move your SBI site to WordPress smoothly.
  • Website Social Profile Setup: I will help you set up your website social profiles.
  • Site Analysis: I visit your site to see what you can do to improve on traffic and maximize income.

I can do all these for you so you don’t have to do it or I can teach how to do it yourself via a consultation service on Skype so that you can start and manage future sites yourself.

Read details of my Site Build It Help services.

Why Hire My Service?

Sitesell offers a professional website service and you can choose to work with them or use any other service out there. But what you get with me is:

  • Low priced yet thorough and professional service.
  • No intimidating, impatient professional voice. I discuss with you as I would with a friend and I take your work as seriously as I would take working for my own site. This is because I sincerely care about your success and will do my best to help you achieve it.
  • I understand people learn at a different pace so I am very patient with my clients.
  • My delivery is fast. If you book a service or consultation with me I get to work immediately.

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